To get QMerchant Server, please have an IT professional contact us.

Most times you need the QMerchant server edition, if you have either simple terminals, netbooks or non-Windows platforms, who access applications at a windows server.

I.e. you have an Apple MacBook and use QuickBooks and QMerchant at the Windows server via a RDP session.

The installation steps are quite simple. QMerchant is installed at the server. When you start an RDP session to the server, there is an QMerchant icon at the desktop. Double click on it and you are there. That's it

You do not need the QMerchant server if you have QuickBooks Enterprise and some Windows computers, which work with QuickBooks.

If this is the case you need the QMerchant Desktop version. Install it at the computer where you are using QuickBooks.

There is an additional option to use QMerchant server without RDP session. To do this, install QMerchant at the server first. Then activate it. 

From the support menu open 'Show application data folder' and take a note of the location.

Then at any desktop computer install QMerchant

When QMerchant runs, from the support menu, open Custom Settings, scroll down to the AppDirectory entry. By default is it empty. Now enter here the location from above. Save with ok. Now close QMerchant and restart it. That shall do it.