QMerchant 2014 or version 9.x.x is not compatible to QuickBooks 2015.

So, when you upgrade your QuickBooks you also have to upgrade QMerchant.

The upgrade process is a follows:

1. Open QMerchant 2014 and make a note of the activation code. You can find this in the details view of the about dialog or in the license menu.

2. Download and install QMerchant 2015 from our website www.addqin.com/QMerchant.

3. Go to our order page at www.addqin.com/QMerchant/order.html and select upgrade. Please enter your old activation code there. Then you get the upgrade price. You will then receive a new citation code for QMerchant 2015.

4. Activate QMerchant 2015.

5. Please review your settings then.