Which steps are necessary to install and validate QMerchant?

Step 1: Login to your payment gateway and get the necessary credentials.

Step2: At the customers computer download QMerchant and install it (www.qbautomation.com, the download section). During the install you will asked for the QuickBooks type (POS or not).

Step3: Open QMerchant settings dialog and enter the credentials.

Step4: In QMerchant open the Virtual terminal, enter an amount 0.10, a cc number 12345678901234 and an expiration date 10/2010 and press submit. You will get as return either invalid credit card number (which is correct) or something like invalid market type. If you receive this, open the settings and reverse the checkbox CP account. (Step 4 proves that you can connect to authorize.net)

Step5: Open QuickBooks and in QMerchant press connect to QuickBooks. Please give the permissions for QuickBooks as outlined in our manual.
The connect to QuickBooks button in QMerchant becomes gray and the get transactions buttons becomes green
If you do NOT have QuickBooks POS, please perform Step 5a. 

Step5a: After you are connected, open the settings dialog and make the transaction type and payment type selections. (Usually the transaction types are SalesReceipt, CreditMemo and ReceivePayment). Payment Types are all credit card related payments as Visa, Amex etc.

Step6: Create a sale / sales receipt in QuickBooks and save it. In QMerchant press the green button get transaction, in the dialog select the transaction and our payment screen comes up.