How can I issue a credit in QMerchant ?

There are several ways to process a refund.

  • Outside QuickBooks via the QMerchant Virtual Terminal .See pg. 22 of the manual. In this case you need the transaction id of the transaction for reversal.
  • With QuickBooks - it depends on the QuickBooks type.

POS: Use Return an Refund in POS. Please consult p.44 of the QMerchant manual. 

Desktop versions: Issue a credit memo in QuickBooks and process that transaction via QMerchant. See p.31 of the QMerchant manual.

Also, there are guidelines for issuing a credit ( ):

This transaction is also referred to as a Refund and indicates to the gateway that money should flow from the merchant to the customer. The gateway will accept a credit or a refund request if the transaction submitted meets the following conditions:

The transaction is submitted with the ID of the original transaction against which the credit is being issued (tx_id).

The gateway has a record of the original transaction.
The original transaction has been settled.

The sum of the amount submitted in the Credit transaction and all credits submitted against the original transaction is less than the original transaction amount.

The full or last four digits of the credit card number submitted with the credit transaction match the full or last four digits of the credit card number used in the original transaction.

The transaction is submitted within 120 days of the settlement date and time of the original transaction.

In case you subscribed to ECC Expanded Credit Capabilities, you can credit any amount to a credit card outside of the rules above. ECC can be enabled at the merchant website.