QuickBooks transfers 'invalid' credit card numbers in the format ...*******.....
The payment provider claims that those are invalid. What can I do ?

This the workaround for the masked credit card number, since Intuit does not allow any longer third party applications to access that information.

To resolve this issue you can do the following:

Use of Custom Fields
1. Create for your customer a custom field named ie.e CCNumber. You have to define it only once. It is automatically propagated to all customers.
2. Then copy and paste the credit card number from the cc payment info into the new field. Leave everything else like exp date etc. at the QuickBooks payment info.
3. Then in QMerchant Select from the 'Information' menu 'Support' and then 'Custom Settings'. OK the messagebox. In the following dialog, there is a field named CCNumberFieldName. Click in the column right off that name and enter CCNumber (the name of your custom field from above). Click OK to save it.


You can use the Account No. field of the customer payment info. 

In the QMerchant custom settings please enter as value in the CCNumberFieldName the expression //CustomerRet/AccountNumber. This is the de-fault. We recommend this because you still have all payment information in QuickBooks at the same tab.

When QMerchant queries a transaction, it first grabs the payment information from QuickBooks. If we find a masked credit card number, then we query to the content of the CCNumber field and take that is there is a credit card number in.